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Database Administration Consulting Services

CNUX brings the full range of database management expertise to help you mange the information crucial to your business. Poor performance and downtime can cause big problems. In an OLTP environment, lost time means lost sales. In a DSS environment, business stops.

At CNUX, our goal is to help you achieve:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Smooth and fast recovery in case of unplanned outages
  • Properly tuned database engines for optimized performance

Database Administration Consulting Services can be in the form of

  • One time performance tuning visitation
  • Part-time on-site or remote DBA services and support
  • Full time on-site or remote DBA services and support for a pre-arranged period
  • On-call DBA services and support
  • After-hours DBA services and support
  • Emergency DBA services and support

CNUX provides ongoing system analysis, system support, and DBA mentoring. Our flexible service arrangements allow you to have staffing flexibility. You are also guaranteed access to database experts.

License purchase and renewals cannot be done easier. CNUX is an authorized reseller of industry leading database software including IBM DB2, IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

At the onset of our DBA service, CNUX consultants will provide you a thorough analysis of your current database systems. A detailed report will be generated to highlight potential problems and the possible tuning solutions to fix them. Here is a summary of all the tasks we perform as database administration services:

  • Collect existing issues and concerns
  • Review all database licenses in use and their versions
  • Review OS version and configuration
  • Review and analyse database and system configuration. E.g. CPU utilization parameters, memory utilization parameters, I/O activity parameters, fragmentation strategies, etc.
  • Review and analyse database log files to identify possible problems
  • Review and analyse database statistics, including queue, thread wait, VP scheduler, pool, cache rates, disk I/O, etc.
  • Review and analyse all scheduled database batch jobs (Unix: cron, Windows: scheduled tasks)
  • Review back up and recovery strategies
  • Review all database licenses in use and their versions
  • Review all DBA procedures
  • Identifying weaknesses and risks. Suggest rectifications and make optimization recommendations
  • Mentoring DBA staff
  • Support on day to day DBA tasks and procedures
  • Business hours (8:30 am - 5 pm, Mon thru Fri) phone and email support. Canadian holidays excluded.Guaranteed 30 minutes response time

Design, Analysis and Administration


  • Installation and Configuration
  • Client Server Communications
  • System Activity Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performance Tuning
  • Dataspace Configuration
  • Backup and Restore
  • Data conversion and migration
  • Data Modeling and architectural design
  • Training and Education
  • Outsourcing/Contracting
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