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Opus/W Document is a document management and control system that gives enterprises of any size the ability to quickly archive, version, find, share and access documents of all types, from a web browser, wherever you are.


Only $995CDN≈$995USD per server install.


Click here to download the entire product information in PDF format CNUX Opus/W Document.pdf



1.       Features

5.       End User License Agreement

2.       Product Documentation

6.       Trial Software

3.       Pricing

7.       Release Notes

4.       Support and Software Upgrade



1.    Features


Opus/W Document employs a sophisticated yet easily manageable permission based system to control the accessibility of corporate information. It allows you to control how information is made available to partners, users and other stakeholders.


Centralized Electronic Storage


All important files, images, and documents are stored in a centralized SQL Server repository which can be accessed from anywhere within the corporate network or over the internet using a web browser.



Version Control


With Opus/W Document the maintenance of revision history of any document is completely automated. Authorised users can check out and work on a document.  When the finished document is checked in a new revision is automatically created and the revision history is updated. During the editing process other users can still read the previous revision, and are aware a new revision is being created.



Archival and Retrieval


Every revision of a document and its history is stored. Opus/W Document provides the capability of searching on the description, name, creation date and metadata of the documents.  Access to the documents is provided through a simple and easy to use web interface.


Documents in Opus/W Document are organized and presented in a familiar folder hierarchy, just like how they would on your personal computer or network file server.





Search is used to find subfolders and files, all the files locked by a user, or all locked files using a search criteria.  The criteria wild cards *, substitution ? and range [ ] are supported.




Metadata are extra attributes that can be associated with a file.  Currently supported file metadata are: author, keywords, type, owner, and subject.


Organization Control


By employing concepts of Projects, Users, Groups and Roles, Opus/W Document provides a flexible and customizable architecture that allows you to organize and access documents depending on the structure of your organization, whether it is by geographical location, department, system, discipline, etc.


Access Control: Permission and Security


A flexible and sophisticated permission based system allows the administrator to control user’s read and write permission to the documents. Combined role-based and user/group security model provides total control on security of your sensitive documents.



Batch Operations


Opus/W Document provides tools to assist with loading/unloading of data in the form of zip files from/to the file system either on your personal computer or company network. Directory trees can be easily imported into/exported from Opus/W Document while preserving the hierarchy of folders, sub-folders and files.



Record Locking


A very easy to use and intuitive mechanism that allows locking of multiple records and folders before revisions are made to documents.  Record locking prevents multiple users from revising the same documents unknowingly.




A label is the tag for a group of document revisions.  When a group of documents is released, there is a need to distinguish it from other releases.  This labelling feature allows easy tracking of iterations of releases.




Favorites are used to maintain a list of files that are frequently accessed.  Instead of searching, it gives the user one click access to the list of files of interest.



Opus/W Document is built for the Microsoft® ASP.Net Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. 

Localization - Multi-language support


The internet is without borders, and so should your web application.  Opus/W Document is multi-language Unicode compatible.  All user character attributes are defined as Unicode columns to record data of any language.


2.    Product Documentation


A complete User Guide that includes


§          SQL Server database schema installation instructions

§          ASP pages set up

§          System Concepts

§          Operations

§          Administrators Guide





3.    Pricing


Only $995CDN≈$995USD per server install.



4.    Support and Software Upgrade


1 year unlimited e-mail support and product upgrade as new releases become available.



5.    End User License Agreement


You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the CNUX Opus/W Document EULA file .


6.    Trial Software


Trial software is available upon request with the following limitations:


§          Trial software will operate up to 30 days.


Please feel free to request a copy of CNUX Opus/W Document – Trial Version now!


7.    Release Notes


You can access the Release Notes here.








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