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  • To give our clients solutions that are not only right for us, but right for them
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  • Be smart, be innovative
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  • "If everything seems under control, your're just not going fast enough" - Mario Andretti
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Click here to download the Standard Edition product information in PDF format CNUX .Net Providers.pdf


Click here to download the Web Service Edition product information in PDF format CNUX .Net Providers – Web Service Edition.pdf


  Product Details (Standard Edition) (Web Service Edition)


CNUX .Net Providers features summary




Microsoft® ASP.Net 2.0 and 3.0 compatible

Microsoft®  Visual Studio® 2005 compatible

Language compatibility

Visual Basic®

Visual C#®

Visual C++®

Visual J#®

Oracle® compatible

  Version 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g or above on all operating systems

  Microsoft® .Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle

  Oracle® Data Provider for .Net (ODP.Net)

IBM® DB2® compatible


  IBM® DB2® UDB v8.2, v9.1 and v9.5 on all operating systems


IBM PartnerWorld > Global Solutions Directory >  .Net Providers for DB2 – Standard Edition


IBM PartnerWorld > Global Solutions Directory > .Net Providers for DB2 – Web Service Edition


  IBM® DB2® .Net Data Provider v9.1 or above

Web Service compatible

Membership Provider

Role Provider

Site Map Provider

Session State Provider

Profile Provider

Web Event Provider

Web Parts Personalization Provider

Performance Advantage

  TCP/IP, Stream Pipe, Named Pipe, Local Loopback or Shared Memory traffic and processing overhead reduction

Single Sign-On capable

  Users only need to sign on once to access multiple web applications with the same credentials

Shared Session State capable

  Multiple web applications can easily pass information to each other as session state variables.  Ideal for applications spawned by a single sign-on


  All providers concrete classes can be inherited and extended

Web Service

 The Web Service Edition is ideal for SOA and secured n-tier implementation.  The Service Consumers library integrates with the front end web application typically located in the DMZ, while the Service Providers are located within your internal network and communicates with the database backend.

Database Failover compatible

Database Clustering compatible

Microsoft® ASP.Net Web Site Administration Tool compatible

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 compatible

  Membership Provider and Role Provider.  SharePoint® 2007 does not support customization of other providers

Thread Safe

  All CNUX .Net Providers conform to the Thread Safety requirements as documented in


Without thread safety the code can produce data corruption and hard to reproduce sporadic errors due to the following summarized nature of Microsoft® ASP.Net providers architecture:


§          Microsoft® ASP.Net providers are instanced once and shared among requests

§          Each request is processed on a different thread drawn from a thread pool

§          A provider can be accessed by multiple threads concurrently


Guarantee Atomicity - Transaction Control

  Transactions are applied to all singleton/multiple method calls and database updates to guarantee atomicity according to suggestions as documented in

Exceptions - Error Trapping

  Multilingual exception resource files in:


简体中文 (Chinese-Simplified)

繁體中文 (Chinese-Traditional)

Nederlands (Dutch)


Français (French)

日本語 (Japanese)

ASP Roles

ASP Views

Localization - Multi-language and time zone

  Unicode char and UTC datetime columns

Full contract custom database implementation

Samples codes

  Multilingual in:


简体中文 (Chinese-Simplified)

繁體中文 (Chinese-Traditional)

Nederlands (Dutch)


Français (French)

Deutsch (German)

日本語 (Japanese)

Español (Spanish)

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007 customization instructions

Product Documentation


  1 year unlimited e-mail support

Software Upgrade

  1 year unlimited product bug fixes and upgrades as they become available

Trial Software



Please feel free to request a copy of CNUX .Net Providers – Trial Version now!





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Oracle, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.


IBM, DB2 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.





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