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Report Online (ROn) - the web Report Management System


ROn provides a fully integrated solution for the management of various back-end applications in an open enterprise environment.

ROn can be easily integrated into existing client/server database applications using ActiveX technology. With minimal efforts, existing applications can be modified to off load time-consuming batch reports from the desktops to the application servers. ROn is ideal for Engineering or Scientific software, Manufacturing, Construction and Procurement Management programs where complex reports and analysis are often required. With ROn, increase in productivity and user satisfaction can be achieved in a matter of days.

Through the Internet, programs would be accessible worldwide. Using a web browser, your users can run programs, schedule or view reports that currently exist on your company's application servers. Similarly, distribution of reports electronically is just a simple click away.

Product Features

Batch and Scheduling Reports

Batch reports are normally very time-consuming and usually processed during off-hours (i.e. overnight). ROn can accommodate these processes by allowing the user to schedule the batch reports and view the generated results at a later time. Reports can be scheduled for immediate execution or for a later time. The selected reports can be directed to run on a specific date and/or time.

Viewing Reports

Using a web browser, users can view the output files and/or reports generated by the host programs. A complete listing of the reports generated can be accessed from the View Reports page. The new reports are clearly marked. The list provides concise, yet detailed information for each item. A report description, the parameters used, who created it and when it was run are all clearly documented.

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